SA Campaign

Festival Disaster

The Mid-year festival is underway in Hallensvale and the party members are scattered about the town enjoying the celebrations.  Desuna is with Bremer in the pub, drinking with Willow and a group of other men. Zeke is cloaked and browsing the markets, and Riley is checking out toy and trinket stalls. Arren is keeping watch on the pub roof but keeps rolling too poorly to see much.

A strange man enters the pub looking shaken and pale. Bremer and Desuna notice but pass him off as sickly. Bremer manages to catch a goldfish out of the pub fish tank and Arren notices something approaching the town. A loud sound is heard, much like the beating of a drum. Zeke buys food at the market and Riley makes a trade for a puzzle box.

The barrier protecting the town suddenly disappears and Bremer alerts Dasuna, who hurries away toward the housing district. Willow tries to follow but is a bit too drunk to walk straight.  Arren sees this horrible giant lumbering toward the town and sets off to try raise an alarm. Monsters are starting to enter the town.

Arren tries to climb the side of a building but fails. Riley sees her fall and tries to catch them but fails and they both fall to an alley in a tangle of limbs. People begin to panic as the giant enters the town and Zeke is swept up in the crowd. He tries to take cover in an alley and sees Riley and Arrin.

Riley sees the giant and decides to fly up for a closer look while Arren takes off into a building to catch an attacking monster. They successfully tie up a monster and decide to keep it to interrogate for information later.

Zeke decides to set a trap for the giant and ties a rope across the street. Arren sees what he's trying to do and fires at the giant to draw it over.

Riley is hit by the giant and is thrown through a window to take damage. Willow, who has lost track of Bremer and Dasuna, is standing nearby and sees. After recovering he decides to throw an axe at the giant but misses. Willow shouts at him to come down.

Bremer and Dasuna make it back to the Banstrel house and begin searching for survivors. Bremer is irritated because Dasuna won't leave the town without her family so decides to help find any survivors to get to safety quicker. Dasuna's dad is still alive and hiding in the back shed but is being attacked by three monsters. Dasuna bursts in ready to help but is bitten by a monster which infects her with blight. Bremer kills the monster in anger but is too late and Dasuna becomes savage while the blight starts to filter through the contract into Bremer's magic. Bremer decides to sever the contract and mercy kill Dasuna in her rage, and intends to take revenge on the forces that killed her contracter. Verdi arrives and attacks Bremer because she looks like a monster. Bremer flees.

The giant reaches the rope trap but is unhindered. The buildings collapse on either side and everyone tries to dodge. Bremer, who is looking for a source of fresh magic, latches onto Arren and leeches health points. The giant hits the ground with its club and sends out a shock wave, which everyone manages to avoid. Reed appears to heckle everyone into evacuating to the town hall. 

More monsters show up and stop the group on the way to evacuate. Reed turns into a cat and everyone else tries to fight. The monsters are killed and the group gets to the town centre. After arguing in an attempt to take Arren's monster prisoner inside, another local kills it and everyone goes inside. Arren and Bremer's blight is cured.


Arren is a clumsy idiot who rolls really badly.

Verdi probably thinks Bremer killed his sister.

Zeke probably thinks Arren and Riley are a couple.

The town is destroyed.



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