SA Campaign

Icy Adventures

Much cold. Very freezing.

As the dwarf king of Ironmaster calls for aid in the north an unlikley party forms in his halls. Reece the Tiefling rogue, Corvus the Halfling ranger, Icana the Human sorcerer, Zeeke the peculiar Yordle paladin and Dianna the giant Amazonian fighter. They prepare for a long trek north to discover what has been invading their lands and spreading evil creatures about.

As the party collects good from shops and buys a cart and ox to carry it, they travel north to beat the other adventurers to their end goal. They come across the town Termalaine. Alerted by thick black smoke they investigate the small town which is now in ruins and abandoned. Nearby residents from other towns are evacuating in fear.

The party immediately finds another group of adventurers in need of assistance and they come to their aid. This party (pink party), lead by the pink Tiefling Hali, is fighting against a strange woman with a burning flame for a head. Black crabs with nearly impenetrable shells leap at the party and attack them. The party managed to fend off the attack as save the adventurers (pink party) from their flame-headed foe. In their debt the pink party offer assistance in clearing the town of monsters. The two parties split up an continue their search through the town. After battling with two beings with large icicles for heads the party begins to hack and cough uncomfortably. They soon realise they've been infected by tiny spore-like eggs from the dust within the town. Luckily Zeeke is able to heal them before they begin to hack up their own lungs. The pink party however, was not so lucky. The party hears their cries for help at the docks and runs to their aid.

The pink party loses one member as an infected dwarf begins to hack up blood, his chest wriggling as creatures try to burrow their way out of his body. The party mercy kills him by setting him ablaze after severing his head. Distressed, the pink party aren't sure what to do so they follow the party out of the town and into the woods to make camp.

The party continue on into the icy north until the reach a large glacial pass. The know a storm is approaching and warn other adventurers camping on the outskirts of the passage of the dangers of this storm. Everyone takes refuge deep in the glacial pass. Unfortunately the storm proved most dangerous and many of the adventurers were buried under snow in the pass.

Dainna and Icana suffered some frostbite after being stuck under collapsed snow, however their quick acting friends managed to pull them free.

A month passes slowly and the parties continue their long trek north. Hali and her dwarf companion succumb to hypothermia on their journey north. When they arrive at a strange Oasis, many of them suffering from pneumonia, the only remaining members are the main party and Tamm from pink party.

The party investigates the Oasis and finds a large black hole in the ground, many adventurers have already been attempting to rappel down into it. Before the party has a chance to follow, large black legs peer out of the gateway, crushing many adventurers and dragging their party into the abyss bellow.

They find themselves in a snowed in, mysterious metal town. the buildings are tall and square with many glass panes. It appears to be abanonded. Countless corpses litter the streets, almost frozen over. After some investigating the party realises that they are in a completely different world and that this world's sun had been destroyed. the people of this world were unable to shield themselves from the darkness and cold of space in time. The sky, an artificial shield, had a gaping black hole in it that perma-frosted anything under it that was not protected.

The party takes refuge in a nearby building to wait for the frost to pass. Zeeke and Dianna suffer some frostbite due to their metal armours. The party leaves the building once the cold has passed and continue out into the town. They find themselves frustrated at the corpses of this town and engage in battle with them, resulting in Tamm having his arms brutally torn off. the party, realising they are outnumbered, begins to retreat. Just in time, too. A giant spider, towering over the buildings, creeps through the town. Apparently unaware of their presence it walks over them, its thousands of eyes twitching in peculiar patterns. When the party is far enough away to pause for a breath, Icana recognises one of the patterns made by the eyes to be a pattern of teleportation.

Having left the town the party investigates the area around them. They find the giant spider's den. A massively open cavern which leads into darkness. Zeeke and Dainna investigate inside while the party discusses what they will do to try and fight the spider. Within the cave Zeeke and Dianna find two young girls bound by thin webs. The girls are initially met with distrust by Zeeke as he senses a powerful darkness about them. However, seeing that they need help fighting this spider, Zeeke and Dianna free the girls. The girls, self-proclaimed demi-gods, agree to help the party escape back to their own world and insist they do not involve themselves in the business of the gods. They offer gifts to the adventurers.

To Tamm they return his arms, only they are black and talloned now. To the party they turn their travelling cart to pure diamond and then finally open a portal for them to slip through again.

The party find themselves back in the Oasis. this time the giant hole has been covered by a large stone slab. A huge winged serpent stands guard over it and explains to them that long ago a group of mighty adventurers defeated the dark god within the portal and had it closed off. That was nearly 150 years ago now. The party also realise their diamond cart has not come through the portal with them. The winged serpent offers no information on where it or the ox have been taken to. The party decide their best bet is to head south and back to civilisation to discover the world they are currently in now.




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