SA Campaign

Malaci and the Fog Dragon

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

The party continues to follow their newfound guide through the woods of Hrada in search of the prized beast. The fog hinders their ability to see, think, and attack their foes. They encounter various beasts from necrotic fungus, giant spiders, and maw demons. As the party find themselves at the entrance to a cave they face a Fog Dragon. during this fight their guide reveals himself to be a less than reliable friend.

The party flee the dragon into the caves. Upon investigating the cave they find a disheveled man who appears to be the original Malaci. The party now suspect their guide was a shape shifter of some sort. They continue into the dark cave and find themselves facing off against Malaci as a large fiendish warlock. The Fog Dragon reappears. When the battle is over Zeke fulfills the land spirit's wish to be freed from Malaci's grip.

The party take refuge in the cave until morning.



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