SA Campaign

The Chasm and Beyond

Blight = great idea

The party, having rested at a calming fountain within the labyrinth of death,  continue onward. After a scuffle with a mimic they find themselves at the mouth of a large chasm. Through no skill in acrobatics the party manage to cross, nearly losing Tamm in the process. The continue through the labyrinth, crossing another gaping hole and fighting undead as they go on. They come to a clearing guarded by an abberation wrapped in fabric. Tamm's blight infects the creature and that blight spreads to Dianna as she attempts to dispel it with Icana's herbs.

The party rest for the night, only disrupted once when a large undead cat came to visit. Luckily Corvus was quick acting and shot it down.

The party continued. They made their way past traps and through winding caverns, fighting undead and large beasts as they went. They discovered that they were in a large underground pocket, possibly a part of an old Underdark town. As they enter this old town they rummage through houses for bits of loot and investigate a strange temple. Within the temple Reece, Dianna and Zeeke discover a trap door leading down into a dark room filled with the dead. When the party re-groups Icana informs them that this is likely a room used for creating ghouls through cannibalism. The party agrees to put these creatures out of their misery by blighting them with Tamm's blight and setting them on fire. They use blighted fish to lure the hungry ghouls to the opening and blast them with fire. Unfortunately one of the ghouls rises again, this time as a blighted ghoul.

The blighted ghoul seems to respond to commands from Tamm and the party decide to wrap it in winter clothes to avoid being blighted by it. The continue through a cavern opening deeper into the Underdark. They stumble across a number of undead in a camp area and slay them before claiming the camp as their own and resting.



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