SA Campaign

The End...

Not really.

As each of the party members leave the small town they are given gifts and information to aid them on their journey. Nothing prepares them for the deviation ahead and they are thrown into a hopeless battle against The Children of the Nightmare. Each of them meats a grizzly demise except for the fortunate(?) Zeke and his trusty Kenku friend, Renkil. The two of them are thrown into a portal as the great god of Nightmares rises from a mountain.

Through the portal Zeke and Renkil awake on the shore of a large land mass. The people are pale, short and friendly. After some time Zeke and Renkil learned to speak the language of these strange people and adapt to the new land. They soon found difficulties living in such a peculiar world without any knowledge of the technology and magic that powered it. They joined a less than legitimate crew of air-ship merchants (probably pirates.) 

Unfortunately their ship was pursued by authorities and recently damaged so they have docked it in the fishing towns north of Beldvire and are currently attempting to gather resources in Hallensvale to repair the ship and be on their way. 


Meanwhile. Desuna Banstrel finds a strange water creature in the Hallensvale lake that binds with her. A water nymph that claims to be from a completely different universe. 


The mid-year festival is approaching and so is a disturbing evil. These unsuspecting adventurers shall meet and do some adventurer stuff!



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