SA Campaign

The Hunt Begins

Loot ahead

Last session we entered Hrada after escourting the prisoner and collecting our reward. We discovered the town was hosting a large annual hunting event where trophies can be exchanged for loot and other goodies. A mysterious guide, Malaci, meets the adventurers in the local bar and soon they trek out into the wilderness to slay some beasties.

Malaci offers to show them where the prized beast is, for a cut of the reward of course. The adventurers narrowly avoid conflict in the woods and Malaci organises transport through an old 'friend,' Rotherford. A small boat to take across Hrada lake.

While out on the water the party is attacked by a large lake beast. A giant octopus of some kind. After defeating it and a few straggler babies, the party makes it to the other side of the lake.


Onwards to the prize!



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