SA Campaign


The group of refugees meets up with others from neighboring towns and the traveling congregation becomes quite large. Everyone stops to rest and set up camp.

Riley notices fruit in the nearby trees and tries to examine one. He squishes it and ends up with a hand covered in a white mold. Zeke attempts to heal it but ends up making it worse and he decides to try shaving it off with a dagger instead. He nicks himself with the blade and his blood dries blue.

There's a lot of coughing and hacking coming from the group and some children are starting to wander around away from the group. Zeke follows them but it takes effort because he has tiny legs. The kids are playing with the fruit that infected Riley and he scolds them. A woman with long black hair rushes over and heals the few children who have been infected. Her name is Del-bhdsgjgkfuwel. She likes to be called Del because the DM can't remember her name. Zeke asks her to heal Riley.  She instead gives Zeke a healing sigil that lets him heal any magic based infections.

Del warns Zeke that everyone needs to avoid touching anything in tunnels that glows because it's not something mortals should interact with. He asks her to each her some spells and she agrees to write some down for him. She leaves to help heal the sick.

Meanwhile Arren is sitting by themself and contemplating their purpose in life, feeling mildly paranoid. 

There's a food shortage and people are arguing over rations.

Willow goes to talk to Reed, who is sulking at the base of a tree looking so very depressed. He decides to open with 'how do you turn into a cat and can you do it again?' Social genius. Reed is confused and maybe annoyed. He's sulky and asks makes a dig about Willow being a terrible captain, then snobs him off and stalks away. Willow tries to follow him but he manages to disappear.

Bremer grumbles at Arren. 'Stop sulking, you're still alive'. They start to think maybe they've gone crazy. They decide to go to sleep.

Everyone turns in for the night but doesn't get a great rest.

As the group begins to move Willow and Bremer notice that the ground is grumbling. Bremer mentions it to Arren who stops and notices as well. Arren becomes concerned that this voice in their head knows things that they don't. Willow informs Riley and finds the town leader to inform him. The town leader is concerned. He sends Willow back to the end of the group to stand guard.

Town leader guy rushes over to Miss Hoity-toity's group and informs them. The group scowl at Willow but move along.

A few hours pass and people are starting to struggle and a few collapse from dehydration. No one has slept well and everyone is starting to lose their strength. 

After a few hours of walking everyone stops to rest. Bremer and Willow notice that magic is being sucked out of the tunnel behind the refugees. As it reaches the group the plants all start to shrivel and the water starts to turn to sludge. The tremor is turning to rumbling instead. As people wake up they start to shout that they can see something ahead. It's the end of the tunnel.

Bremer wants Arren to move along but Zeke recognises the change in atmosphere as the same energy that comes with blight. He tells  the others and they start to noitce. Riley warns people and stirs a panic in the retreating refugees who start to rush and hurry to get out. The group follow.

The monsters from the town are there and are picking off people from the group everywhere. There's a break in the tunnel and the other end is further away. The party gears up for fight and gets stuck into the nearest monster which is a thing covered in leeches. Willow is attacked twice and drops down to 6 health, nearly dying. 

The party manage to kill one creature while team Hoity-toity slaughter the rest. Zeke heals Willow, Riley gets shamed for suggesting to loot the dead, and Bremer is a little high on foreign magic while Arren thinks they're fully insane now.


will finish the rest later




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