SA Campaign

We're Back.

And now we un-cool old-school

The party gets spat back through the portal.
Big blue dragon-bird-thingie tells them it's been 150 years.
Diamond cart is gone, pull-pug is also gone.
Reece is mad, Tamm is still in slight shock, everyone else is probably annoyed or sad.

Party heads back toward Ironmaster but finds an abandoned ice village. It's old and ruined, and there are bones sticking out of the snow. Some of the skulls have garlick stuffed in their eyes.
Reece steps on a weird stone platform and disappears.  Dianna follows and Corvo breaks his nose in a failed dive maneuver after them. Tamm and Zeke decide to go too.
Before Icana goes she sees some creepy black figure walking through the town with glowing green eyes and decides to not stick around.

The platform makes a portal to a part of Waterdeep. Reece immediately harasses a merchant and chops his finger off.  She convinces the guards that there's no problem here. Tamm is mildly terrified. Everyone goes shopping.

Reece and Dianna go back to Reece's old orphanage and it is a hospital now. The people there are refugees from famine. A gnome kid tries to pick-pocket Reece but she catches him and bribes him into being adopted with food. Reece has a kid now and forgets about the diamond cart. Everyone meets back at the local inn.

Next morning everyone goes back to the hospital to hear about a village that made a deal with a witch and decides to go sus it out. 

They set up camp for the first night and get ambushed by crow-things with spears. Dianna gets beat up pretty badly, Zeke nearly cuts off Corvus's arm, and everyone discovers that Tamm has crazy powerful demi-god arms that can disintegrate people. No, we are not finding demi-gods and hacking out limbs off to get them replaced

Eventually all the kenku get killed until there's just one clumsy failure of a kenku left and the party decides to disarm and cuff him for information. Gnome kid – Bjornson/Sonny- disarms him when everybody else fails embarrassingly. The kenku agrees to guide everyone to the witch for money. Corvus takes money from the dead kenku to pay the clumsy kenku to work for him.

Party goes to the town with the witch and the locals play dumb. Everyone goes shopping then go to the field to find the witch, who also plays dumb. They ask her about Tamm's demi-god arms and she stops playing dumb. Turns out Tamm's demi-god arms give blight to whoever touches them. The witch and Icana both hold his hands and get blight. Oops.

The witch offers to make cool gloves and Tamm spends the rest of his life savings on them.

The meeting is interrupted by a villager running into the hut and the witch leaves with him. The party follows outside and enter the cornfields where Corvus tackles a small scarecrow creature. It turns out to be a child from the village.

The witch explains there seems to be a curse that is turning the children of the village into scarecrows and her basement is full of them (which isn't creepy at all). The party convince her to tell them where it's coming from so they can go be heroes and stuff.

The curse is suspected to be coming from three witches who live in an underground labyrinth. The party set out to go find and kill the witches.



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