SA Campaign

Witches Den

And the lucky adventurers

The party awakens and continues their journey through the caverns after breakky. They come to a small clearing where, after Corvus announces them, they battle two aberrations, a specter and a Bodak. Zeek buckles the Bodak, fighting back the horrors being beamed into his mind by the undead beast, and manages to cleave its head in two. The spectre is destroyed by Tamm's arrow and Renkil manages to kill a goopy aberration. Reece's fireball disintegrated the mummy-like aberration. After the battle Corvus finds a small venomous snake and befriends in. He calls it Tali and keeps it in his hat for later.

The party continue on to a clearing where a small hut is located. Strange looking trees surround it, but that doesn't deter Reece. she charges onward as her companions give suspicious glances to the trees. She finds herself stopped by a tall talking tree. After it interrogates her and the party, discovering they are here because they are looking for lost children, the witch allows them to enter. It tells them that she, Magda, and her sister Urtha, had lived in these abandoned Underdark towns for a long time. They kept to themselves bellow the earth until another witch, Thog, joined them. Thog made a deal with the villagers that ensured them good harvests, only it appears Thog has been somehow creating scarecrows out of the children.

Magda attempts to help heal Dianna's blight and instructs her to continue praying to the land spirits. She then tells Urtha of Thog's apparent betrayal and the two of them leave the adventurers while they go to speak with Thog. Reece takes this time to sift through the house for goodies while Corvus, Renkil and eventually Reece go to investigate strange noises in one of the outer rooms of the house. They find in there twelve children behind a locked door. The children look malnourished and frightened. Renkil leaves to rejoin the others. Zeek is investigating the spirit shrine the witches seem to pray to.

Icana and Dianna hear strange noises coming from the room that Magda and Urtha left for and they (barr Icana) go to investigate with Renkil, Tamm and Garroth. Magda and Urtha are apparently dead or unconscious. A large brain in a thick jar booms at them to leave and attempts to gain control of Dianna's mind. The party begin a long battle with Thog and attempt to revive the witches to fight with them. Magda could not be revived with medicine, however Thog managed to summon her back as an undead minion which kept Urtha busy for some time. Much of the party was away at this point however, Crovus managed to break down some of the hut's interior to allow Icana and Reece quick access back to the battle while Corvus tended to the children. Zeek spent his time fleeing without control of his limbs and ramming right into a wall. When Icana fired the final blow to the brain, now outside its broken jar, it shrivelled and landed on the floor as a slosh puddle.

The party bid farewell to Urtha, who left with Magda's body after a presumably traumatising fight for her. The party searched the house and fed the children. Dianna and Corvus fished off to the side. Corvus learned that Thog had been absorbing the bodies of the children to give life to the land, and that the souls of the children had been placed in scarecrows.

They journeyed back to the surface and returned the children to the townsfolk. They updated the witch of the town and her civilian friend on the happenings within the caverns. They returned to the town for a reward which they, mostly, generously gave back to the townsfolk. They are to meet the witch later for supplies. For the meantime they will rest in the town and contemplate the cause of the famine and where to go from here.

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