SA Campaign

Malaci and the Fog Dragon
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

The party continues to follow their newfound guide through the woods of Hrada in search of the prized beast. The fog hinders their ability to see, think, and attack their foes. They encounter various beasts from necrotic fungus, giant spiders, and maw demons. As the party find themselves at the entrance to a cave they face a Fog Dragon. during this fight their guide reveals himself to be a less than reliable friend.

The party flee the dragon into the caves. Upon investigating the cave they find a disheveled man who appears to be the original Malaci. The party now suspect their guide was a shape shifter of some sort. They continue into the dark cave and find themselves facing off against Malaci as a large fiendish warlock. The Fog Dragon reappears. When the battle is over Zeke fulfills the land spirit's wish to be freed from Malaci's grip.

The party take refuge in the cave until morning.

The Hunt Begins
Loot ahead

Last session we entered Hrada after escourting the prisoner and collecting our reward. We discovered the town was hosting a large annual hunting event where trophies can be exchanged for loot and other goodies. A mysterious guide, Malaci, meets the adventurers in the local bar and soon they trek out into the wilderness to slay some beasties.

Malaci offers to show them where the prized beast is, for a cut of the reward of course. The adventurers narrowly avoid conflict in the woods and Malaci organises transport through an old 'friend,' Rotherford. A small boat to take across Hrada lake.

While out on the water the party is attacked by a large lake beast. A giant octopus of some kind. After defeating it and a few straggler babies, the party makes it to the other side of the lake.


Onwards to the prize!

Escort the prisoner
drunk D&D is always a bad idea

The party takes a job escorting a prisoner to Hradda. Unfortunately they have a little too much alcohol to drink on their way out of town and make some terrible decisions.

The party is attacked by bandits and while they're picking them off one by one, Willow makes a deal with one of them to kill the guards and take their money. Riley kills the bandit, much to his captains dismay, and gets scolded.

Willow speaks with the prisoner and convinces him ton join her gang of pirates.

Arren attacks the guards when they learn of Willow's betrayal and Zeke is furious when forced to attack the guards to save his friends.

The prisoner joins the party.


The group of refugees meets up with others from neighboring towns and the traveling congregation becomes quite large. Everyone stops to rest and set up camp.

Riley notices fruit in the nearby trees and tries to examine one. He squishes it and ends up with a hand covered in a white mold. Zeke attempts to heal it but ends up making it worse and he decides to try shaving it off with a dagger instead. He nicks himself with the blade and his blood dries blue.

There's a lot of coughing and hacking coming from the group and some children are starting to wander around away from the group. Zeke follows them but it takes effort because he has tiny legs. The kids are playing with the fruit that infected Riley and he scolds them. A woman with long black hair rushes over and heals the few children who have been infected. Her name is Del-bhdsgjgkfuwel. She likes to be called Del because the DM can't remember her name. Zeke asks her to heal Riley.  She instead gives Zeke a healing sigil that lets him heal any magic based infections.

Del warns Zeke that everyone needs to avoid touching anything in tunnels that glows because it's not something mortals should interact with. He asks her to each her some spells and she agrees to write some down for him. She leaves to help heal the sick.

Meanwhile Arren is sitting by themself and contemplating their purpose in life, feeling mildly paranoid. 

There's a food shortage and people are arguing over rations.

Willow goes to talk to Reed, who is sulking at the base of a tree looking so very depressed. He decides to open with 'how do you turn into a cat and can you do it again?' Social genius. Reed is confused and maybe annoyed. He's sulky and asks makes a dig about Willow being a terrible captain, then snobs him off and stalks away. Willow tries to follow him but he manages to disappear.

Bremer grumbles at Arren. 'Stop sulking, you're still alive'. They start to think maybe they've gone crazy. They decide to go to sleep.

Everyone turns in for the night but doesn't get a great rest.

As the group begins to move Willow and Bremer notice that the ground is grumbling. Bremer mentions it to Arren who stops and notices as well. Arren becomes concerned that this voice in their head knows things that they don't. Willow informs Riley and finds the town leader to inform him. The town leader is concerned. He sends Willow back to the end of the group to stand guard.

Town leader guy rushes over to Miss Hoity-toity's group and informs them. The group scowl at Willow but move along.

A few hours pass and people are starting to struggle and a few collapse from dehydration. No one has slept well and everyone is starting to lose their strength. 

After a few hours of walking everyone stops to rest. Bremer and Willow notice that magic is being sucked out of the tunnel behind the refugees. As it reaches the group the plants all start to shrivel and the water starts to turn to sludge. The tremor is turning to rumbling instead. As people wake up they start to shout that they can see something ahead. It's the end of the tunnel.

Bremer wants Arren to move along but Zeke recognises the change in atmosphere as the same energy that comes with blight. He tells  the others and they start to noitce. Riley warns people and stirs a panic in the retreating refugees who start to rush and hurry to get out. The group follow.

The monsters from the town are there and are picking off people from the group everywhere. There's a break in the tunnel and the other end is further away. The party gears up for fight and gets stuck into the nearest monster which is a thing covered in leeches. Willow is attacked twice and drops down to 6 health, nearly dying. 

The party manage to kill one creature while team Hoity-toity slaughter the rest. Zeke heals Willow, Riley gets shamed for suggesting to loot the dead, and Bremer is a little high on foreign magic while Arren thinks they're fully insane now.


will finish the rest later


Festival Disaster

The Mid-year festival is underway in Hallensvale and the party members are scattered about the town enjoying the celebrations.  Desuna is with Bremer in the pub, drinking with Willow and a group of other men. Zeke is cloaked and browsing the markets, and Riley is checking out toy and trinket stalls. Arren is keeping watch on the pub roof but keeps rolling too poorly to see much.

A strange man enters the pub looking shaken and pale. Bremer and Desuna notice but pass him off as sickly. Bremer manages to catch a goldfish out of the pub fish tank and Arren notices something approaching the town. A loud sound is heard, much like the beating of a drum. Zeke buys food at the market and Riley makes a trade for a puzzle box.

The barrier protecting the town suddenly disappears and Bremer alerts Dasuna, who hurries away toward the housing district. Willow tries to follow but is a bit too drunk to walk straight.  Arren sees this horrible giant lumbering toward the town and sets off to try raise an alarm. Monsters are starting to enter the town.

Arren tries to climb the side of a building but fails. Riley sees her fall and tries to catch them but fails and they both fall to an alley in a tangle of limbs. People begin to panic as the giant enters the town and Zeke is swept up in the crowd. He tries to take cover in an alley and sees Riley and Arrin.

Riley sees the giant and decides to fly up for a closer look while Arren takes off into a building to catch an attacking monster. They successfully tie up a monster and decide to keep it to interrogate for information later.

Zeke decides to set a trap for the giant and ties a rope across the street. Arren sees what he's trying to do and fires at the giant to draw it over.

Riley is hit by the giant and is thrown through a window to take damage. Willow, who has lost track of Bremer and Dasuna, is standing nearby and sees. After recovering he decides to throw an axe at the giant but misses. Willow shouts at him to come down.

Bremer and Dasuna make it back to the Banstrel house and begin searching for survivors. Bremer is irritated because Dasuna won't leave the town without her family so decides to help find any survivors to get to safety quicker. Dasuna's dad is still alive and hiding in the back shed but is being attacked by three monsters. Dasuna bursts in ready to help but is bitten by a monster which infects her with blight. Bremer kills the monster in anger but is too late and Dasuna becomes savage while the blight starts to filter through the contract into Bremer's magic. Bremer decides to sever the contract and mercy kill Dasuna in her rage, and intends to take revenge on the forces that killed her contracter. Verdi arrives and attacks Bremer because she looks like a monster. Bremer flees.

The giant reaches the rope trap but is unhindered. The buildings collapse on either side and everyone tries to dodge. Bremer, who is looking for a source of fresh magic, latches onto Arren and leeches health points. The giant hits the ground with its club and sends out a shock wave, which everyone manages to avoid. Reed appears to heckle everyone into evacuating to the town hall. 

More monsters show up and stop the group on the way to evacuate. Reed turns into a cat and everyone else tries to fight. The monsters are killed and the group gets to the town centre. After arguing in an attempt to take Arren's monster prisoner inside, another local kills it and everyone goes inside. Arren and Bremer's blight is cured.


Arren is a clumsy idiot who rolls really badly.

Verdi probably thinks Bremer killed his sister.

Zeke probably thinks Arren and Riley are a couple.

The town is destroyed.

The End...
Not really.

As each of the party members leave the small town they are given gifts and information to aid them on their journey. Nothing prepares them for the deviation ahead and they are thrown into a hopeless battle against The Children of the Nightmare. Each of them meats a grizzly demise except for the fortunate(?) Zeke and his trusty Kenku friend, Renkil. The two of them are thrown into a portal as the great god of Nightmares rises from a mountain.

Through the portal Zeke and Renkil awake on the shore of a large land mass. The people are pale, short and friendly. After some time Zeke and Renkil learned to speak the language of these strange people and adapt to the new land. They soon found difficulties living in such a peculiar world without any knowledge of the technology and magic that powered it. They joined a less than legitimate crew of air-ship merchants (probably pirates.) 

Unfortunately their ship was pursued by authorities and recently damaged so they have docked it in the fishing towns north of Beldvire and are currently attempting to gather resources in Hallensvale to repair the ship and be on their way. 


Meanwhile. Desuna Banstrel finds a strange water creature in the Hallensvale lake that binds with her. A water nymph that claims to be from a completely different universe. 


The mid-year festival is approaching and so is a disturbing evil. These unsuspecting adventurers shall meet and do some adventurer stuff!

Witches Den
And the lucky adventurers

The party awakens and continues their journey through the caverns after breakky. They come to a small clearing where, after Corvus announces them, they battle two aberrations, a specter and a Bodak. Zeek buckles the Bodak, fighting back the horrors being beamed into his mind by the undead beast, and manages to cleave its head in two. The spectre is destroyed by Tamm's arrow and Renkil manages to kill a goopy aberration. Reece's fireball disintegrated the mummy-like aberration. After the battle Corvus finds a small venomous snake and befriends in. He calls it Tali and keeps it in his hat for later.

The party continue on to a clearing where a small hut is located. Strange looking trees surround it, but that doesn't deter Reece. she charges onward as her companions give suspicious glances to the trees. She finds herself stopped by a tall talking tree. After it interrogates her and the party, discovering they are here because they are looking for lost children, the witch allows them to enter. It tells them that she, Magda, and her sister Urtha, had lived in these abandoned Underdark towns for a long time. They kept to themselves bellow the earth until another witch, Thog, joined them. Thog made a deal with the villagers that ensured them good harvests, only it appears Thog has been somehow creating scarecrows out of the children.

Magda attempts to help heal Dianna's blight and instructs her to continue praying to the land spirits. She then tells Urtha of Thog's apparent betrayal and the two of them leave the adventurers while they go to speak with Thog. Reece takes this time to sift through the house for goodies while Corvus, Renkil and eventually Reece go to investigate strange noises in one of the outer rooms of the house. They find in there twelve children behind a locked door. The children look malnourished and frightened. Renkil leaves to rejoin the others. Zeek is investigating the spirit shrine the witches seem to pray to.

Icana and Dianna hear strange noises coming from the room that Magda and Urtha left for and they (barr Icana) go to investigate with Renkil, Tamm and Garroth. Magda and Urtha are apparently dead or unconscious. A large brain in a thick jar booms at them to leave and attempts to gain control of Dianna's mind. The party begin a long battle with Thog and attempt to revive the witches to fight with them. Magda could not be revived with medicine, however Thog managed to summon her back as an undead minion which kept Urtha busy for some time. Much of the party was away at this point however, Crovus managed to break down some of the hut's interior to allow Icana and Reece quick access back to the battle while Corvus tended to the children. Zeek spent his time fleeing without control of his limbs and ramming right into a wall. When Icana fired the final blow to the brain, now outside its broken jar, it shrivelled and landed on the floor as a slosh puddle.

The party bid farewell to Urtha, who left with Magda's body after a presumably traumatising fight for her. The party searched the house and fed the children. Dianna and Corvus fished off to the side. Corvus learned that Thog had been absorbing the bodies of the children to give life to the land, and that the souls of the children had been placed in scarecrows.

They journeyed back to the surface and returned the children to the townsfolk. They updated the witch of the town and her civilian friend on the happenings within the caverns. They returned to the town for a reward which they, mostly, generously gave back to the townsfolk. They are to meet the witch later for supplies. For the meantime they will rest in the town and contemplate the cause of the famine and where to go from here.

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The Chasm and Beyond
Blight = great idea

The party, having rested at a calming fountain within the labyrinth of death,  continue onward. After a scuffle with a mimic they find themselves at the mouth of a large chasm. Through no skill in acrobatics the party manage to cross, nearly losing Tamm in the process. The continue through the labyrinth, crossing another gaping hole and fighting undead as they go on. They come to a clearing guarded by an abberation wrapped in fabric. Tamm's blight infects the creature and that blight spreads to Dianna as she attempts to dispel it with Icana's herbs.

The party rest for the night, only disrupted once when a large undead cat came to visit. Luckily Corvus was quick acting and shot it down.

The party continued. They made their way past traps and through winding caverns, fighting undead and large beasts as they went. They discovered that they were in a large underground pocket, possibly a part of an old Underdark town. As they enter this old town they rummage through houses for bits of loot and investigate a strange temple. Within the temple Reece, Dianna and Zeeke discover a trap door leading down into a dark room filled with the dead. When the party re-groups Icana informs them that this is likely a room used for creating ghouls through cannibalism. The party agrees to put these creatures out of their misery by blighting them with Tamm's blight and setting them on fire. They use blighted fish to lure the hungry ghouls to the opening and blast them with fire. Unfortunately one of the ghouls rises again, this time as a blighted ghoul.

The blighted ghoul seems to respond to commands from Tamm and the party decide to wrap it in winter clothes to avoid being blighted by it. The continue through a cavern opening deeper into the Underdark. They stumble across a number of undead in a camp area and slay them before claiming the camp as their own and resting.

We're Back.
And now we un-cool old-school

The party gets spat back through the portal.
Big blue dragon-bird-thingie tells them it's been 150 years.
Diamond cart is gone, pull-pug is also gone.
Reece is mad, Tamm is still in slight shock, everyone else is probably annoyed or sad.

Party heads back toward Ironmaster but finds an abandoned ice village. It's old and ruined, and there are bones sticking out of the snow. Some of the skulls have garlick stuffed in their eyes.
Reece steps on a weird stone platform and disappears.  Dianna follows and Corvo breaks his nose in a failed dive maneuver after them. Tamm and Zeke decide to go too.
Before Icana goes she sees some creepy black figure walking through the town with glowing green eyes and decides to not stick around.

The platform makes a portal to a part of Waterdeep. Reece immediately harasses a merchant and chops his finger off.  She convinces the guards that there's no problem here. Tamm is mildly terrified. Everyone goes shopping.

Reece and Dianna go back to Reece's old orphanage and it is a hospital now. The people there are refugees from famine. A gnome kid tries to pick-pocket Reece but she catches him and bribes him into being adopted with food. Reece has a kid now and forgets about the diamond cart. Everyone meets back at the local inn.

Next morning everyone goes back to the hospital to hear about a village that made a deal with a witch and decides to go sus it out. 

They set up camp for the first night and get ambushed by crow-things with spears. Dianna gets beat up pretty badly, Zeke nearly cuts off Corvus's arm, and everyone discovers that Tamm has crazy powerful demi-god arms that can disintegrate people. No, we are not finding demi-gods and hacking out limbs off to get them replaced

Eventually all the kenku get killed until there's just one clumsy failure of a kenku left and the party decides to disarm and cuff him for information. Gnome kid – Bjornson/Sonny- disarms him when everybody else fails embarrassingly. The kenku agrees to guide everyone to the witch for money. Corvus takes money from the dead kenku to pay the clumsy kenku to work for him.

Party goes to the town with the witch and the locals play dumb. Everyone goes shopping then go to the field to find the witch, who also plays dumb. They ask her about Tamm's demi-god arms and she stops playing dumb. Turns out Tamm's demi-god arms give blight to whoever touches them. The witch and Icana both hold his hands and get blight. Oops.

The witch offers to make cool gloves and Tamm spends the rest of his life savings on them.

The meeting is interrupted by a villager running into the hut and the witch leaves with him. The party follows outside and enter the cornfields where Corvus tackles a small scarecrow creature. It turns out to be a child from the village.

The witch explains there seems to be a curse that is turning the children of the village into scarecrows and her basement is full of them (which isn't creepy at all). The party convince her to tell them where it's coming from so they can go be heroes and stuff.

The curse is suspected to be coming from three witches who live in an underground labyrinth. The party set out to go find and kill the witches.

Icy Adventures
Much cold. Very freezing.

As the dwarf king of Ironmaster calls for aid in the north an unlikley party forms in his halls. Reece the Tiefling rogue, Corvus the Halfling ranger, Icana the Human sorcerer, Zeeke the peculiar Yordle paladin and Dianna the giant Amazonian fighter. They prepare for a long trek north to discover what has been invading their lands and spreading evil creatures about.

As the party collects good from shops and buys a cart and ox to carry it, they travel north to beat the other adventurers to their end goal. They come across the town Termalaine. Alerted by thick black smoke they investigate the small town which is now in ruins and abandoned. Nearby residents from other towns are evacuating in fear.

The party immediately finds another group of adventurers in need of assistance and they come to their aid. This party (pink party), lead by the pink Tiefling Hali, is fighting against a strange woman with a burning flame for a head. Black crabs with nearly impenetrable shells leap at the party and attack them. The party managed to fend off the attack as save the adventurers (pink party) from their flame-headed foe. In their debt the pink party offer assistance in clearing the town of monsters. The two parties split up an continue their search through the town. After battling with two beings with large icicles for heads the party begins to hack and cough uncomfortably. They soon realise they've been infected by tiny spore-like eggs from the dust within the town. Luckily Zeeke is able to heal them before they begin to hack up their own lungs. The pink party however, was not so lucky. The party hears their cries for help at the docks and runs to their aid.

The pink party loses one member as an infected dwarf begins to hack up blood, his chest wriggling as creatures try to burrow their way out of his body. The party mercy kills him by setting him ablaze after severing his head. Distressed, the pink party aren't sure what to do so they follow the party out of the town and into the woods to make camp.

The party continue on into the icy north until the reach a large glacial pass. The know a storm is approaching and warn other adventurers camping on the outskirts of the passage of the dangers of this storm. Everyone takes refuge deep in the glacial pass. Unfortunately the storm proved most dangerous and many of the adventurers were buried under snow in the pass.

Dainna and Icana suffered some frostbite after being stuck under collapsed snow, however their quick acting friends managed to pull them free.

A month passes slowly and the parties continue their long trek north. Hali and her dwarf companion succumb to hypothermia on their journey north. When they arrive at a strange Oasis, many of them suffering from pneumonia, the only remaining members are the main party and Tamm from pink party.

The party investigates the Oasis and finds a large black hole in the ground, many adventurers have already been attempting to rappel down into it. Before the party has a chance to follow, large black legs peer out of the gateway, crushing many adventurers and dragging their party into the abyss bellow.

They find themselves in a snowed in, mysterious metal town. the buildings are tall and square with many glass panes. It appears to be abanonded. Countless corpses litter the streets, almost frozen over. After some investigating the party realises that they are in a completely different world and that this world's sun had been destroyed. the people of this world were unable to shield themselves from the darkness and cold of space in time. The sky, an artificial shield, had a gaping black hole in it that perma-frosted anything under it that was not protected.

The party takes refuge in a nearby building to wait for the frost to pass. Zeeke and Dianna suffer some frostbite due to their metal armours. The party leaves the building once the cold has passed and continue out into the town. They find themselves frustrated at the corpses of this town and engage in battle with them, resulting in Tamm having his arms brutally torn off. the party, realising they are outnumbered, begins to retreat. Just in time, too. A giant spider, towering over the buildings, creeps through the town. Apparently unaware of their presence it walks over them, its thousands of eyes twitching in peculiar patterns. When the party is far enough away to pause for a breath, Icana recognises one of the patterns made by the eyes to be a pattern of teleportation.

Having left the town the party investigates the area around them. They find the giant spider's den. A massively open cavern which leads into darkness. Zeeke and Dainna investigate inside while the party discusses what they will do to try and fight the spider. Within the cave Zeeke and Dianna find two young girls bound by thin webs. The girls are initially met with distrust by Zeeke as he senses a powerful darkness about them. However, seeing that they need help fighting this spider, Zeeke and Dianna free the girls. The girls, self-proclaimed demi-gods, agree to help the party escape back to their own world and insist they do not involve themselves in the business of the gods. They offer gifts to the adventurers.

To Tamm they return his arms, only they are black and talloned now. To the party they turn their travelling cart to pure diamond and then finally open a portal for them to slip through again.

The party find themselves back in the Oasis. this time the giant hole has been covered by a large stone slab. A huge winged serpent stands guard over it and explains to them that long ago a group of mighty adventurers defeated the dark god within the portal and had it closed off. That was nearly 150 years ago now. The party also realise their diamond cart has not come through the portal with them. The winged serpent offers no information on where it or the ox have been taken to. The party decide their best bet is to head south and back to civilisation to discover the world they are currently in now.



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