SA Campaign

The Gist of Things

Shit's fucked


The party have been adventuring in the north-eastern Storm-Coast area and have heard of the commission from the usually quiet and mistrusting Dwarves of Ironmaster. Dwarf treasures have been offered for whoever can clean Termalaine of their recent enemies; those who call themselves The Children. These creatures appear to have originated from the north and more have been sighted. Creatures that even the most advanced mages cannot explain.

The common theory is that a gateway of some sort must be allowing monsters in from another plane of existence or perhaps even other worlds. A frightening possibility. Unfortunately, the north is unhospitable and many will not venture there. Even the Underdark has been quiet in the north as the creatures below flee from the invaders. This has created numerous problems for people above and below the surface, as one could imagine.

The Dwarves are very interested in keeping these creatures at bay and protecting their border. They’re willing to pay handsomely for brave souls to travel north and close whatever gate has opened, and everyone knows a dwarf’s treasure is nothing to turn from. Many mages and adventurers alike have also taken this call and are heading north.



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